Friday, 8 June 2018

Limited Edition Posters for Oscillate

Earlier this year I was commissioned to design and screen print a series of limited edition posters commemorating Oscillate for a retrospective exhibition at Centrala Space in Birmingham as part of Flatpack Festival 2018 It was a challenge as Oscillate was a club night I went to back in the 1990s... quite some time ago! I drew the artwork for the posters by hand in black and white before screen printing it in two or three colours using fluorescent inks. The designs and colours were inspired by Oscillate at Bonds and electronica from the early 1990s. The particular tracks that defined the experience for me and which influenced the posters are Chatter by Autechre, Simon from Sydney by LFO, De-Orbit by Speedy J and The Fires of Ork by The Fires of Ork. Music like this was the reason I went to Oscillate. At the time it was new, exciting and seemed to be about the future. It sounds as good today as it did back then and instantly reminds me of those nights at Bonds.

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