Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You're So Sweet You Give Me Toothache

In January I designed a new card for Valentine's Day,You're So Sweet You Give Me Toothache, which was inspired by one of my favorite films, Clueless. If you've seen the film you might know what I'm referring to. The character Elton says that Tai gives him toothache, and one of the other characters explains that it's because she's so sweet. If you haven't seen the film then you're missing out, it's a really clever, funny, version of Jane Austen's novel Emma, and so much better than all those costume dramas.

As well as printing new cards I also spent a lot of January reprinting some of my favorite designs from last year including Made For Each Other and You're a Star. They've already made their way around the country and into a few shops, fingers crossed they're selling well so I can buy some more printing supplies.

Spring is in the air

It's a probably a bit optimistic to be thinking about spring at the moment, especially with all the snow we've had recently, but I really wanted an excuse to use some lovely bright colours. This Spring Flower Tree is my first screen print of 2013 and as well as a bright green and dark green colour combination I've also printed some in yellow and orange. The Spring Flower Tree cards are printed on cream recycled card which I folded and cut by hand. But I've been using a bone folder and it's much quicker than scoring and folding the card.

Mythical Creatures Exhibition at Here Gallery

For the latest Girls Who Draw exhibition we will be unleashing an array of fabulous beasts and beings to fill the windows and walls of Here Gallery. The show accompanies Mythical Creatures, the fourth limited edition Girls Who Draw postcard book, and will include a selection of prints and original artwork from the book as well as new pieces created especially for the gallery.

The exhibition line-up features a range of emerging and established female illustrators from around the UK and different characters from myths, legends and folklore. Amongst them will be Wood Troll and Firebird screen prints by Ruth Green, Pegasus and mermaid paintings by Lee May Foster-Wilson and prints of Imaginary Beings by Sarah Lippett. Some of the exhibitors have also made Mythical Creatures inspired products and craft-work such as Kate Hindley’s Ratatoskr cushions, Yee Ting Kuit’s Gnome and Unicorn brooches and Beth Morrison’s hand painted, wooden figures of Bigfoot and Brownie the helpful elf.

As part of the exhibition there will be a small showcase of self-published books from some of the exhibitors including mini comics by illustrator Kristyna Baczynski and handmade comics and zines by screen printers Esther McManus and Helen Entwisle. And as if that isn’t enough Gocco queen Xtina Lamb and myself will be printing, cutting and sticking to produce a large scale installation in the windows of Here Gallery.

The flyer is another amazing design by the super talented Kristyna Baczynski

Mythical Creatures Exhibition: 
Saturday 9th of February – Saturday 6th of April
Opening – Saturday 9th of February 1pm – 4pm
Here Gallery
108 Stokes Croft