Thursday, 13 April 2017

Coffee Lovers

My second new screen print of 2017 is Coffee Lovers & it also features new colour combinations & multiple gradients! It was difficult getting the gradient for the background right as I wanted to use red but didn't want it to turn out too pink. After a few failed attempts I managed to mix the right shades of red for the background & the coffee pot. The four layers of different colours were even harder to register than the foxes screen print. It was a bit of a shock when I eventually realised I needed to wear my reading glasses.


My first new screen print of 2017 is called Soulmates & features a pair of patterned foxes. I wanted to try new colour combinations & I also wanted to use multiple gradients to give the image some depth. First I screen printed different shades of green for the background.

Then for the foxes I screen printed a gradient which changed from orange to red. The final gradient was mainly for the darker outline & it went from red to deep red. The gradients were not hard to print but registering the different colours with so little margin for error was hard. In the end I only had an edition of 25 & now regret not printing more.