Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sheffield Print Fair 2015

This Saturday I'll be exhibiting my screen prints at Sheffield Print Fair alongside printmakers from Yorkshire and further afield. There is going to be some great work on show and I'm particularly looking forward to seeing some of my favorite screen printers. As well as meeting printmakers and buying prints the fair is also a great opportunity to pick up some printing tips as there are demonstrations running throughout the day. I will be taking my Japanese Print Gocco machine and if all goes to plan I'll be showing visitors how it works and producing some new Gocco prints.

There is a Sheffield Print Fair blog which lists all the exhibitors and a Facebook page

Prickly Customer

Another new animal print I've been working on is of a patterned hedgehog surrounded by flowers and mushrooms. It wasn't too hard to choose the colours and mix them so I thought things were going pretty well. I screen printed the first ten hedgehogs to see if I liked the design and colours. 

Then I decided the hedgehog would look better with a plain face instead of a brown one. So I tweaked the artwork, printed out a new positive, exposed it onto another new screen and printed thirty hedgehogs with plain faces. 

Now I can't decide which hedgehog I prefer. Maybe the face should be brown and the spines should be white!

New Feathered Friends

I've been working on some new animal and bird themed prints for autumn and Christmas fairs. After working on The Big Hoot during summer the first in my new series of prints had to be an owl! I really enjoyed drawing the feathery patterns and leafy background. I mixed up some autumnal coloured inks and, after a couple of attempts, screen printed an edition of 30 little owls I was happy with. My new feathered friends will be accompanying me to fairs in Birmingham, Sheffield and Wakefield over the next few weeks.