Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer Screen Printing, Come Rain or Shine

Over the last year I've been spending alot more time drawing, printing and eating biscuits. So I'm looking forward to a chance to put both my 10 years of teaching experience and enthusiasm for screen printing to good use. On Saturday the 18th of August I'll be running a screen printing class at Birmingham Printmakers in Digbeth. 

Particpants will learn how to make a photo-stencil by coating silk screens with photo-sensitive emulsion, exposing their own designs onto the screens using an exposure unit and then washing out the designs.They will also use a vacuum bed and learn registration techniques to enable them to print a small edition of two colour screen prints. Hopefully there will also be time to take a look at contemporary screen printing and a selection of work by a few of my favorite screen printers.

If you ever want a screen printing class just let me know, or failing that if you stand still for long enough I'll teach you to screen print anyway, whether you want to learn or not.

The International Alternative Press Festival

This weekend I'm making my annual pilgrimage to the International Alternative Press Festival, a mecca of all things self published including comics, zines, illustration and print. Alongside over 100 other exhibitors I'll be selling a selection of my hand printed cards, some mini prints, the last few Magic postcard books, Magic zines and also Obsession zines. It's a big event to organise and undoubtedly wouldn't happen without alot of hard work from a dedicated team of enthusiasts. My contribution is pretty small by comparison but it's good to know I've helped in some small way by printing a batch of International Alternative Press tote bags in a very nice metallic black fabric ink. Hopefully no one will notice the 2nd is actually missing from the 2nd International Alternative Press Festival because I'd quite like to be invited back to do the 3rd International Alternative Press Festival.

 The 2nd International Alternative Press Festival
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August 2012
11am - 5pm
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square