Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Freshly Printed Morning Coffee

Eastern European folk art and Soviet era design are two of the main influences on my drawing and printing. The results of this obsession often get mistaken for a 1970s style which was not my original intention. However for my latest design I have been looking at vintage coffee pots and ceramics for ideas. I like their striking shapes, bold patterns and bright colours, all perfect for inspiration for screen prints. The result is a freshly printed small edition of 'Morning Coffee' screen prints in three colours. They are something cheerful and a bit retro for people who like caffeine but not mornings.

Polish Pisanki Patterns for Spring & Summer

For spring and summer 2015 I wanted to create a series of designs inspired by the patterns of Polish Pisanki eggs. Pisanki are eggs that are decorated to celebrate Easter although it was originally a Pagan tradition. There are several different types of Pisanki and they are usually associated with particular regions of Poland. Methods of decorating the eggs include scratching patterns into the shell, applying colourful paper cut motifs or painting the eggs with wax before dying them. It was these painted wax patterns which inspired my three new card designs.