Thursday, 25 October 2012

I'd Like to Teach the World to Screenprint...

...Two people at a time so it could take the rest of my life, and then some. Next up for some Summer Screen Printing were Robbie and Cathie. Robbie is studying on a BTEC Art and Design course in Wolverhampton and Cathie is a graphic designer from Cheltenham. They bought along some great designs to screen print, Robbie's was a hand drawn two colour floral pattern and Cathie's was a two colour typographic design which she had created using illustrator. Both designs were fairly advanced and Cathie's in particular was quite detailed and required very accurate registration. After successfully getting their designs onto the screens they chose a lovely selection of inks and weren't afraid to mix different colours, use metallics, pastels and darker shades. 

Both Robbie and Cathie picked up pulling prints fairly quickly and were soon able to work independently. Robbie printed a background colour before adding two more layers ontop to create a series of large three colour prints. Cathie was able to produce a run of two colour A4 prints in different shades of blue then wash out her screen and try a completely new colour combination. It was a long day, they both worked really hard, got alot done and produced some great work.

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