Friday, 14 June 2019

Screen Print Workshop at Winterbourne House and Garden

At the moment I'm busy practising my stencil cutting and printing lots of examples for my screen printing workshop on Saturday June the 22nd at Winterbourne House and Garden in Birmingham. It's part of their Year of Print and there will be plenty of inspiration in the beautiful gardens. 
The technique I will be teaching is screen printing using hand cut paper stencils with drawing materials or paints. The advantage of this is that multiple colours can be printed using just one stencil! The prints have lots of texture and each one is slightly different as you can see from these examples. During the workshop participants will create their own designs and use scalpels to carefully hand cut paper stencils. They will work directly onto silk screens to add colour using different drawing materials or paints. Then they will use their stencils, silk screens and squeegees to screen print a small edition of varied prints on paper.
Information about this workshop and other Year of Print events at Winterbourne House and Garden can be found on their website.

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