Monday, 2 October 2017

Beautiful All Year Round

Summer was busy with workshops so it was nice to end it by working on something completely different. I was asked to create a design to be installed outside on a large plinth as part of Handsworth Park Arts Trail. The other criteria was that the design should be based on the wheel of the year so it had to show each season as well the text 'Handsworth Park, Beautiful All Year Round'. Luckily I know someone who prints vinyl wraps for exteriors so this was a great opportunity for me to work BIGGER & with digital print rather than screen print. I was able to incorporate many of my usual folk art elements. Aswell as creating new motifs especially for the commission I was also able to create new ones. The sunshine, trees, fox, butterfly & bird were drawn especially for the design but everything else had been previously used. Look carefully & you will see a familiar owl, hegdehog & rabbit!

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