Friday, 6 July 2012

Endangered Species

Believe it or not I don't just make greetings cards, although it often seems like it. When I get the time I like to work on publishing projects and enjoy collaborating with other women illustrators to produce limited edition postcard books, colouring books and zines featuring our illustrations. 'Endangered Species' is the most recent example and contributors include Kate Hindley, Gemma Correll, Ruth Green, Beth Morrison, Mina Braun, Helen Entwisle and myself. Mina designed the colouring book cover with the panda and Helen drew the zine cover with the african wild dog. I then screen printed about 600 of the covers, which I don't recommend as it took approximately 6 days.The inside pages were litho printed by the nice people at Tuckey Print in Birmingham who also collated the books.

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