Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Pretty Patterned Folk Bird Decorations

These patterned folk bird decorations have been keeping me busy lately! One design is screen printed in metallic green with blue details, the other design is screen printed in metallic red with the details added in a darker shade of red. All the birds are glued, then cut out by hand and threaded so they are ready to hang. This year I have been selling the birds online and they have also migrated to shops around the country!

Blue & Silver Angel Decorations

Only got as far as screen printing samples of these new angel decorations... I didn't have time to print the finished version. They are screen printed in silver and blue on A4 sheets of kraft recycled card. Each angel is made up of three A4 sheets so they stand upright. There are just ten finished angels and if anybody likes them... they are £12 including UK postage! If you would like to buy one email me at and £10 from every sale will be donated to a local food bank.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

MAKE 2020 Contemporary Crafts for Christmas

During this month's lockdown it was nice to receive some good news... MAKE 2020 Contemporary Crafts for Christmas was installed and photographs were already on the Devon Guild website. It had taken me a lot of time and effort to get everything ready for the exhibition including three new screen prints. I had only just posted a big box of framed prints to Devon when the second lockdown was announced. It was such a disappointment to think the prints might not get seen. So it was great to see photographs and films of the exhibition shared online. Thank you to staff at the Devon Guild for working so hard to showcase the work of 50 exhibitors even in lockdown! Hopefully the exhibition will open from the 2nd of December (tbc) 2020 until the 10th of January 2021. Meanwhile you can see photographs of the exhibition on the Devon Guild website;


Angels & Folk Birds for Folka

Making angel and folk bird decorations has been keeping me busy lately! The angels are screen printed in bronze and teal on kraft recycled card. Each angel is made of three screen printed sheets of card so I need to print sixty angels just to make twenty finished decorations. Once the ink is dry the prints are folded down the middle, glued together and then every angel is cut out by hand. It's alot of work but after years of practice it gets easier and I can make about twenty angels in eight hours! Recently I've also been printing gold and green angels aswell as more folk birds. The birds are made from one sheet of kraft card screen printed in blue and metallic green on one side and then metallic green on the other side. As soon as the ink is dry they're glued together, cut out by hand & threaded ready to hang.

These decorations are now on the way to Folka in London. You can find out more about the shop and the hand made work it sells here

Leicester Print Festival & Print Fair!

From Monday the 23rd of November until Sunday the 29th of November it is Leicester Print Festival; a whole week of online printmaking activities, demonstrations and events all organised by Leicester Print Workshop. For my contribution to the festival I visited the workshop just before lockdown and did a demonstration of screen printing a two colour print. There was alot to remember as I had to take all the equipment and materials needed, then set up to print in a space I've only worked in once before. It was a little nerve wracking but I'm glad to have tried something new especially as so much is taking place online at the moment. You can watch the film of my demonstration here:
As part of the festival Leicester Print Fair is also taking place online this weekend on the 28th and 29th of November. There will be virtual stalls from nearly 30 print makers from around the UK and a colourful selection of my limited edition screen prints will be available to buy from the print fair. These are just some of my prints which will be for sale on the website this Saturday and Sunday. Leicester Print Festival including the print fair can be found here:


Saturday, 20 June 2020

Little Lucky Stars

Here's some little rainbow coloured 'Lucky Star' screen prints I finished late last night. I used hand cut paper stencils to print an edition of 25 prints with fluorescent blue, fluorescent red and yellow on A5 size offcuts of Fabriano paper. The prints are just £12 plus £1 for UK postage and packaging, they're easy to post to someone who has been a star or who needs good luck! I'm selling these and other screen prints from my Facebook page

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Colourful Rainbow Screenprints

During lock down I've not had access to a print studio and facilities to make the photo stencils I usually work with. So instead I've been hand cutting paper stencils and using them to screen print with at home. I wanted to see if I could use the stencils to quickly print rainbows with just three colours instead of six. They didn't look much like rainbows until I added the yellow and then suddenly they did! After making some test prints I tried printing more rainbows in the CMYK colours of cyan, magenta and yellow. They worked well and I finished a small edition of 20 'Smiley Rainbows' on A4 size heavy 300gsm Snowdon cartridge paper. I sold most of the edition and donated £10 from each sale to Bristol Children's Hospital. It has helped to do something positive in these difficult times.
Because the edition of bright coloured rainbows were so popular I decided to screen print a new edition of paler coloured rainbows. I mixed up some pastel coloured inks and did some test prints first to check the overlapping colours worked. They did so I screen printed an edition of 25 pastel coloured 'Smiley Rainbow' screen prints on A4 sized 250gsm Fabriano paper. Most of them have now sold but I still have a few left which are £20 plus postage and packaging. If you would like to buy one please send an email addressed to Karoline at or get in touch via my Facebook page. £10 from every sale will be donated to Sheffield Children's Hospital.